A little while ago, we received this sad little email from a tipster: "The L train has been stalled at Graham avenue for more than 45 minutes, with the Lorimer platform becoming filled with hot and sweaty people to the point of it being dangerous to be down there." The situation sounds even more gross than usual (though the Journal backs up our belief that the subway platforms have been "at least slightly cooler than the air outside... according to a cursory, highly unscientific survey... with the help of a RadioShack digital thermometer.")

So we checked NYC Transit's Twitter page to see what was up, and learned that there were "mechanical problems" with a train at Graham Avenue. For good measure, we even contacted NYC Transit spokesman Paul Fleuranges, who's quickly making his job obsolete with all these helpful tweets. He says the L train is "back to normal now." (Interpret that as you wish.)

However, for those of you who were late to work because of the L or any other train delays, Fleuranges reminds us that "you can go to our on line Delay Verification service and submit a request. Since we launched a few weeks ago, 3,287 people have submitted claims, and we’ve handled 2,899 of them, and are working on the rest. Turn around time is about 5 business days."