In the wake of Monday's traffic nightmare, which compelled LaGuardia airport travelers to abandon cars and cabs and walk along the highway dragging their suitcases, the developers heading up Governor Cuomo's Terminal B facelift have acknowledged the extent of this shitshow.

"We are aware of the stress this is causing, realize it is untenable, and apologize to passengers," said LaGuardia Gateway Partners in a statement.

But while traffic may have been particularly heinous on Monday—thanks in part to a brief security breach and lockdown at Terminal B, the same terminal undergoing construction—the culprit traffic pattern, at the 94th Street airport entrance, has been in effect for a while now—since Sunday August 7th.

According to LGA, the detour is accommodating crews working on a new parking garage. The airport has posted a map of the detour online, which looks relatively benign considering the drama it's caused. Because the entrance ramp at 94th Street is closed, cars headed in and out of the airport are confined to a single intersection.

(via LGA)

The Port Authority has suggested a few ways to cope. First, they stress that Terminal B's parking lot, known as P10, is open. There's a free shuttle bus from P10 to the terminal, and LGA has posted some zen videos that direct drivers to the lot, from the east and west.

P10 has a cell phone lot—a parking lot where friends and family are encouraged to wait for calls from arriving travelers—that's free for up to two hours, and the Port Authority is urging drivers to wait there for arrivals rather than attempt to circle the airport. "Arriving passengers call their ride for pick up once they are curb side," the Authority clarified.

Since August 18th, parking lot P7, a short-term lot on Bowery Bay Boulevard, is serving as an alternative lot for Terminal B. Cars can't be left unattended there, but there's a free Blue Shuttle Bus from Terminal B to lot P7 for arriving travelers. LGA keeps track of how full its lots are here, so you can decide if it's worth attempting to access them.

As for those arriving by taxi, TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg said that the commission is working to notify drivers to use the 82nd Street entrance to the airport, in an effort to avoid the gridlock at 94th. The taxi stand on the west end of Terminal B has also been moved to the east end—about five minutes additional walking from the terminal—"to help reduce traffic in front of the terminal and move customers along faster to their destination."

The Port Authority has also tweeted numerous reminders this week to use public transportation to and from LaGuardia—an option transportation advocates consider to be severely lacking. Starting this fall, the Q70 bus will become a select bus route, re-branded as the "LaGuardia Link."

For some airport workers who take the bus to and from work regularly, recent construction-related route changes have proven stressful and ineffective.

We talked to a Delta ground operations worker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity so as not to draw his employer's attention. He works five days a week at Terminal C, from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., and typically takes the M60 bus from his home in Queens. Under the new bus configuration, the M60 is stopping at Terminal B—by far the most trafficked, even under normal circumstances—before hitting the other terminals.

"Some days I've been sitting in gridlock around Terminal B for 45 minutes," he said. "There are a lot of employees coming in late in recent days and weeks and it's really frowned upon by the airport."

"LaGuardia's congestion issues are not new, and they underscore why the airport needs to be fixed," Gateway Partners stated Tuesday, adding, "To help ensure travel plans are not interrupted, travelers should build in extra travel time as they head to LaGuardia Airport."

TSA reiterated this suggestion on Wednesday, urging travelers to arrive 2 to 2.5 hours before departure—and even earlier this upcoming Labor Day Weekend:

Transportation Security Administration officials at LaGuardia Airport have seen an increase in the number of travelers who are arriving late to the security checkpoints with the travelers reporting that their drive to the airport was impacted as a result of construction, which at times, slowed down traffic from the main highway.

Due to new traffic patterns at LaGuardia Airport as a result of airport-related construction, TSA officials recommend that travelers flying from the airport allow additional time to get to their terminal in time to get through the security checkpoint to catch their flights.

TSA recommends that travelers with flights out of LaGuardia Airport plan to arrive a minimum of 2 to 2 ½ hours prior to their scheduled departure to allow enough time for traffic, parking, check-in, baggage check and security checkpoint processing. TSA will not compromise security if individuals are showing up late to the checkpoint. Travelers may want to arrive even earlier during holiday travel periods such as Labor Day and Thanksgiving weekends.

But the Delta worker we spoke to pointed out that he has a second job, in retail, and that many of his coworkers also work multiple jobs. Some of them have started getting off of the bus early, at Ditmars Boulevard, and walking an additional 20 minutes to get to terminals C and D. "It's hard to ask people to leave earlier when they have multiple jobs," he said. "We don't make much anyways. It's asking a lot."

Gateway Partners is planning to add temporary roads this fall to mitigate some of the congestion. The overall construction is likely to go on until 2024, but the group is hopeful that new, permanent roads and a new parking garage will improve the flow significantly—by 2018.

We've reached out to Governor Cuomo's office for a comment on side-effects of his pet project. We haven't heard back, but we'll update if we do.