One year and one month ago, we all bore witness to Pizza Rat, the highly relatable rat that loved pizza and rode the subway, just like you! Struggle was an important part of what made Pizza Rat so relatable and popular, because who among us has not struggled with a metaphorical large slice of pizza on the subway steps? And now, we present a new less relatable, but hopefully just as viral, subway struggler: Subway Skis Guy.

I wouldn't be opposed to a subway tow rope (@vfealkoff) #happyfriday #subwaycreatures #csc

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What you see above is a man trying to get himself out of the Bedford Avenue L stop while wearing skis. Why is he doing this? Who can possibly begin to figure out why a person would put themselves through something as miserable as this? (Please don't let this be a marketing stunt for Rossignol)

Katie Radford, a witness to Subway Ski Guy, said she came across him wearing pink sunglasses at the 23rd Street C/E stop last night. Whatever it was that Subway Skis Guy was doing,he made it out of the subway alive, because if he hadn't, how could this picture of him at the Williamsburg Apple Store exist?

I called the Williamsburg Apple Store, and while an employee there was able to confirm that people saw Subway Skis Guy at the Apple Store last night, she couldn't give the exact time or say what the man did while he was there. Although for the purposes of viral identification maybe this means he becomes known as the Apple Store Skis Guy?

Zardulu you magnificent bastard, you've done it again.