Well, we can't say we didn't know it was coming.

New Yorkers getting out of town who don't want to deal with traffic, taxis, or all of the plebeians online at the security check point now have a new option. For a cool $139 one-way customers of start-up U.S. Helicopter can be screened by Federal Transportation Security Administration screeners at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport and then flown directly to any local airport JFK without having to go through security again - or wait in traffic.

Of course, there has been some grumbling about the Federal government putting eight of the limited number of TSA screeners to work for a service that will most likely only be used by the very wealthy. We understand why people don't approve, but it we actually kinda like the idea. Though it is definitely out of our price range, we're sure that there are many, many, many people out there who would gladly pay for the convenience. As long as their helicopters can manage to stay in the air, we suspect this U.S. Helicopter company should do a pretty brisk business. Shouldn't be too bad for Lower Manhattan either.

In the meantime while we save up to use their services we think we'll just sit back and look at xrrr's awesome set of photos from a helicopter flying around the five boroughs.

Helicopter from Fat Girl Slim's flickr stream.