[UPDATE BELOW] Citi Bike hysteria has largely abated, but that doesn't mean cyclists aren't still adapting to the system's quirks. I experienced my first annoyance this weekend when trying to pedal from Battery Park City to Rockefeller Center, and realized somewhere around Hudson River Park that I had a better chance of sprouting wings than making it there in my allotted 30 minutes. Annoyed, I did what everyone does when experiencing mild irritation: I tweeted. And, in an unprecedented event, the DOT helpfully responded.

Below, a transcript of history in the making.

There you have it! I pushed the envelope by asking whether increased revenue might eventually boost the program to the point where an extended time limit was possible, but was directed to the DOT's press office, where inquiries go to die. (I nevertheless did contact the DOT press office, and will update if I hear back.)

But that's not the point. The point is, my question got answered, and if you had the same question, yours did, too. The sun shines a little brighter this day.

Update: From the DOT press office: "There are no plans" to extend day-pass time allotment to 45 minutes.