2006_03_prosthet.jpgAfter hearing about the terrible car accident that made a teenager walking outside his high school lose his right leg, a NJ prosthetic limb company offered their services. Nouveau Prosthetics and Orthotics's director told the news, "I would like to be able to get Andrew [Tsai] walking again. When I heard about this particular child, I felt strongly that I wanted to help out." Doctors were able to save his left leg, which is amazing, given that early reports of the accident said that the accident, caused when a woman tried to flee ANOTHER accident crashed into a minivan, had severed both of Tsai's legs. Tsai is still unconscious, and his family is still very angry at the driver, Zongling Zhu, who was charge with a variety of offenses. One of our commenters who attended Francis Lewis High School said that cars rarely slow down outside the school, which makes Gothamist wonder if the city will better regulate areas that are pedstrian heavy - like shopping and school districts. Even a traffic camera that would lead to finding speeding drivers might help scare people into being more cautious.