In New York State a condom on your person can still be used by the police as evidence of prostitution. We mention this because, among the many things on the City Council's agenda today (like renaming the Queensboro bridge) was a resolution calling on the Governor and State Legislature to finally pass this long-languishing bill which would make possession of a prophylactic no longer count as "as evidence of prostitution, patronizing a prostitute, promoting prostitution, permitting prostitution, maintaining a premises for prostitution, lewdness or assignation, or maintaining a bawdy house."

As far as we can tell the resolution just moved to the Committee on Public Safety today (we tried to confirm that with its sponsor Jessica Lappin but haven't heard back yet) but that's really beside the point (since it's a State issue). We're just honestly a little surprised that in the era of AIDS/HIV New York City, which has been distributing free condoms for forty years now, the fact that a person might have a condom on them can still be used against them in a court of law. Isn't this sort of fix a no-brainer? Just think what the police might think if they stopped the poor condom fairy?

You can learn more about the campaign to change the law on the sex workers project. And here's a short PSA on the matter, since every issue should have a PSA, right?