2006_05_noparking.jpgIt's bad enough when you get a parking ticket, but to get a parking ticket when your car is legally parked? The NYPD investigated a traffic officer who was ticketing legally parked cars in Long Island City, and officer Nivea Cloud resigned after being charged with "falsifying records, official misconduct, and filing false parking tickets." The Post's source says Cloud may have been ticketing the legally parked cars because "it was easier than going out to look for illegal parked cars where she was assigned." Ai. The tickets were voided, but we wonder if the problem only became clear when the drivers complained.

The IBO says it pays to fight your parking ticket, and here are some tips on how to do so. And if the NYPD tries to convince us that police officers don't totally have a quota of tickets to write, we're not buying it!

One of the many "wacky" signs available from the Department of Transportation