The pressure on City Council Speaker, and top mayoral candidate, Christine Quinn to bring the issue of mandatory paid sick time to a vote just keeps on building. Yesterday advocacy group Color of Change sent out a letter attempting to push Quinn to bring the long simmering issue to a vote, and today another group stepped forward to join the crowd. Sick time supporter Gloria Steinem will be pleased.

Today's addition to the fray, Common Cause New York, recently sent a letter to every member of the City Council [PDF] pointing out that the NYC Paid Sick Time Act, which is sponsored by a majority of the members of the Council, "has not yet been brought to a vote in the three years since it was first introduced." As part of the letter Common Cause asked City Council members to say if they "believe that the NYC Paid Sick Time Act deserves to receive a vote this session" and, well, you can see the results for yourself. Spoiler: They do.

The paid sick time act has been a thorn in Quinn's side for quite a while now. Despite public and Council support, the act is staunchly opposed by business owners and our own billionaire mayor, who claim it will cost the city millions. Quinn, who says she supports the idea in principle but worries about introducing it amidst a rough economy (hence the delayed votes), has been able to change the subject for years now. But with increasing pressure on her to bring it to a vote and an election that she clearly wants to frame around the middle class, Quinn may not want to risk giving her opponents more ammunition to fire at her.