Carriage horse (via lens jockey), Cab/Pedicab/Bus (via katiecarman), Pedestrian (via Andy in NYC), Cyclist (via cyclosity)

As the NY Post continues their takedown of the pedicab industry today, we wonder who causes the most trouble on the city's streets.

The paper declares that the "pesky pedicabs" (otherwise deemed "hellraisers") were fewer in number over the weekend, "leaving the streets blissfully clear of many of the maddening nuisances." Now that the new regulations have gone into effect and the city is cracking down on unlicensed operators, cops reportedly seized at least one pedicab, and doled out 52 summonses to drivers. Last week the Department of Consumer Affairs told us that "After November 20 the City cannot, by law, accept any new pedicab business applications. That means if a pedicab business misses the deadline to apply for a license, they are out of business." NY1 reports that 943 pedicabs were registered before Friday's deadline, and the DCA told us this morning that after December 21st they "will have a firm and final count of the licensed pedicabs in the city."

Pedicabs, which can make up their own rates, can be expensive — but are they really the biggest nuisance on our streets?