Correction officers at Rikers committed a major "oopsie" last week when they accidentally released an inmate who wasn't slated to leave the jail for another year.

23-year-old Kimmanie Waisome, who was arrested in February 2013 for "stealing a CD" with an armed accomplice, took leave of the facility last Tuesday despite his actual release date being scheduled for July 15 of next year. Doh!

It took Rikers brass three days to realize the mistake. According to the Daily News, police missed him at his parent's home in Queens by just a day.

Waisome is described as standing 6-foot-2 and weighing 185 pounds, and a sheepish NYPD would appreciate any information to aid in his capture. Until that time comes, however, take care to hide your kids antiquated sound systems. Did your wife really throw out your Pat Benatar CD in retaliation for your failure to take out the trash on Tuesday, or did Waisome strike in the dead of night? Nothing is certain anymore.