While losing seven stolen luxury motorcycles is certainly embarrassing, at least the NYPD didn't lose more officers' guns? RIGHT? Because according to DNAinfo seven fancy motorcycles that had been seized as part of a massive auto theft bust earlier this summer simply disappeared from a Bronx police lot. This was discovered on Monday, and nobody really seems to know how just yet.

Internal Affairs is already looking into the missing bikes—which were being kept inside a box truck at a police Auto Crime and Narcotics Division location at 500 Abbott Street—but it is possible it wasn't exactly an inside job. See the police lot is secured, but not by NYPD personnel. A DNAinfo source speculates that the remnants of the ring that stole the bikes in the first place tracked them via GPS and took them back (the bikes were supposed to have been kept with the rest of the seized vehicles at an Auto Crime Division facility in Queens).

The missing bikes were initially seized by the NYPD as part of a 17-month, multi-agency investigation into a ring that the authorities said was essentially responsible for nearly all the motorcycle thefts in the city (while also allegedly bringing lots of illegal firearms into the Big Apple at the same time). That investigation ended in July with 33 arrests and the announcement by Ray Kelly that these thieves were magicians: "They would make motorcycles disappear and guns appear on the streets of our city."

Apparently they've still got the magic touch because, as DNAinfo's source put it: "How they off-load that many motorcycles without...being seen is insane."