2007_05_911call.jpgYesterday, the NJ Attorney General released calls and radio transmissions made by the state police, EMS, and other responders during the April 12 crash of Governor Jon Corzine's SUV. The Star-Ledger notes that calls show "a mix of confusion, chaos and concern." Here's a transcription of one emergency call:

"Sixty-year-old male. Rear passenger. It appears to be a roll-over motor vehicle accident, multi-vehicle accident. The patient is conscious. Obvious left femur fracture. ... Patient stable at 100 over 60, although patient complaining of excruciating pain in his leg, abdomen and chest."

Another tells responders to go "the whole nine yards."

There are other calls, like those from other drivers ("It happened right in front of me. I just went by. A guy jumped out of the SUV to help him but it's going to be a mess."). You can also hear the tapes here.

The NY Times says that though the tapes aren't a "complete portrait of what happened," they do provide the "richest and rawest account yet." Though Corzine has expressed contrition and mentioned that he feels very blessed, many NJ residents are still upset. One father of a 16-year-old learning to drive said, "It's every parent's nightmare their child will get in a car without a seat belt, and this guy models it. It's a flaunting of the law."

And Corzine will be heading back to work on Monday.

Photograph by Mel Evans/AP