Ever since Giuliani time, we've seen fliers advertising guitar instructions from Dan Smith everywhere. Like many New Yorkers, we've often wondered, is this "Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar" one man, or one thousand? Curiosity finally got the better of Websterism, who interviewed the man behind the fliers. He explains the secret to his success:

"[The fliers] stand out because I believe in what I’m doing, and I put that conviction into the message and the design. Plus the fact that they’re everywhere." But is it too much saturation? His fliers are so frigging ubiquitous that they're invading New Yorkers' dreams. One blogger even had to bring up Smith in therapy; in her Dan Smith dream nightmare, he "tells me that I have a gray hair down there and rather than be mortified by it in my dream, I am turned on. He's totally eyeballing my pelvis..." We'll leave it at that.