A poll shows that Mayor Bloomberg would lose to Fernando Ferrer, former Bronx Borough President, in next year's mayoral election. People favored Ferrer 53% to 42% for Bloomberg; since the Mayor's support comes mainly from whites and Manhattan, we can expect the Mayor to have more events in the outer boroughs. What's interesting is that even though they don't support him, 74% of those polled in the Marist College Public Opinion Poll believed the mayor was working hard. In other hypothetical races, the Mayor would have been tied if running against Manhattan BEEP C. Virginia Fields; Mayor B would beat City Council Speaker Gifford Miller (though with margin of error, it's more even) and Congressman Anthony Weiner. Gothamist thinks it's telling that, from the looks of this poll, it's the candidates who are less high-profile and in the news that are compelling to voters; we expect a shift when the rubber hits the road.

And, unsurprisingly, the City Council is overriding that Mayor's veto to allow more public funds to be spent by candidates running against wealthy opponents. But, in the good news column for Mayor B, the Marist poll showed his approval rating was up to 46% from 42% and the Independent Budget Office said the city's deficit was about $800 million less than expected, thanks to the strength of the real estate market and Wall Street.