Is it just Gothamist, or does it seem that projections are never correct. Sure, they are estimates, but how about just calling them guesses from now on. It looks like the convention might not generate $265 million in economic activity after all. Rooms in popular hotels and tables at top-notch restaurants remain available. The marketing director for the group that owns Nobu told The Times that "At this point you could probably get a table [at Nobu]." Mental note: make reservation at Nobu during convention.

Mayor Bloomberg and other city officials have repeatedly said that the convention will cause little disruption, but with all the proposed closings, Gothamist isn't sure how that's possible. While some businesses look to experience an economic boon, some may go closer to bust. One store owner, who pays $5000 in rent doesn't know how will be able to sell purses and shoes to his customers when security is so tight. Gothamist thinks it could be a money making opportunity - sell comfortable shoes and slap an American flag on anything, and they will sell like hotcakes to the convention-goers.

A preliminary report about Boston's convention has the convention only generating 10% of the projected income. The figure is disputed by the city and hotels have not yet been included, but that's a chilling thought. 10% of $265 million? Factor in all the security costs and the loss of business, and we're not sure if all the trouble is worth even 50% of NYC's projections.

On the more humorous side, it looks like Warner Books will be slapping the ad above onto taxis in the city. Nothing like greeting Republicans with their favorite "documentarian".

Gothamist on the Republican Convention.