Since NYU hasn't had a Minutemen style brouhaha lately, some NYU students - including two College Republicans - appeared on Neil Cavuto's Fox News program to detail the difficulties of being a conservative in the classroom. From the Washington Square News:

Senior Sara Zerner and NYU College Republicans David Laska and Christina Gonzalez participated in a short segment of "Your World With Neil Cavuto," after Fox News approached the NYU College Republicans.

Neil Cavuto introduced the segment by stressing NYU's cost of enrollment.

"You pay up to go to a top-notch school, and then you're told 'Will you please zip it?,' " he said. "It is happening at places like New York University, where a four-year education could set you back as much as 200,000 bucks."

When Cavuto asked the students for examples of liberal bias, Zerner said that when she argued a conservative point by using a fact she heard on Fox News, her professor said it was an invalid news source.

"He did not answer [what made Fox News invalid] but insisted on jumping around the classroom, making monkey noises at me, literally," she said, "and basically causing me to cry in front of a lecture of about 90 people."

The old monkey noise retort! The director of the undergraduate politics department Youssef Cohen said, "All professors who have an opinion do not and should not impose their views. If students have any complaint whatsoever, they should come to me. ... They can talk to me in absolute confidence." What Cohen doesn't realize is that appearing on Fox News might be like the Holy Grail for conservatives - why complain to the department when you can go on TV? Even politics department chair Nathaniel Beck thought that Fox News probably "exaggerated" the segment!

For his part, Laska told the Washington Square News, "We wanted to take a step in exposing this trend to a national audience, not attack individual professors or our school."