Whitetailwater, the correct and true name of the scandalous handling of a deer in a Harlem park, potentially reached a conclusion today with the news that the deer, known as Lefty, will be cremated after dying of stress brought on by his capture (and the ongoing Cuomo/de Blasio feud).

The city previously said they couldn't turn Lefty into venison, as they would normally do, because he was full of tranquilizing chemicals that made him unsafe for human consumption. The Daily News reports that instead of being butchered and donated to a shelter, Lefty will be cremated.

Seeing as how Lefty became a proxy battle for Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, of course other political voices in the state decided to weigh in, like Troy State Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin:

State GOP chairman Ed Cox got a shot in as well:

Twitter shots weren't only taken at Cuomo though, following Lefty's death. Right-wing Twitter aggregatior Twitchy suggested Lefty died because of "stress of living in New York under Democrat rule." As we all know, that common malady of New Yorkers just dropping dead when we think about who the mayor is.

Ultimately, Lefty's death wasn't in vain. Like so many city animals before him, Lefty became national news (and got his own #slatepitch), either because so much of the media is centered here in New York, or because on some preternatural level the world is just drawn to things happening in the city because we're all so sexy and mysterious. Who can know, really?

In the mean time, the cycle of media-created animal celebrities continues. Look at this squirrel! It's EATING PIZZA! Just like you!

<3 Pizza Squirrel.