Here are some stats to back up what you and every Shake Shack guzzling, Travel Channel watching, boutique hotel gawking yupster already knows: white people are really digging Brooklyn. The Fordham Institute has compiled the list of the top 25 zip codes that have seen the most white folk move in from 2000 to 2010 and four of them are in Brooklyn. For those of you tired of the "Brooklyn Blah Blah White People Blah Strollers" motif: what is up with airline food?

The neighborhoods that saw the biggest change are Clinton Hill, East Williamsburg, Prospect Heights, and Bushwick. In 2020, those communities will be renamed by real estate agents as Froyoville, East Blue Chinos (West Blue Chinos is soooo played out), Garaged Audi, and New But Old-Looking Bushwick.

The numbers aren't perfect (the number one location in South Carolina is a PO Box-only locale) but the message is clear: no one wants to live in Manhattan anymore. Nope.

[Fordham Institute / The Atlantic]

Cobble Hill scene via naftels