No matter what your background or interests might be, there are lots of fun events happening around the city in the coming days, and one will surely appeal to you: there's the official St. Patrick's Day Parade on Monday (and several smaller related events over the weekend), the festive Jewish holiday of Purim starts on Saturday, and for the horrible racists among us, white power aficionados are organizing a White Man March as well for Saturday. Something for everybody!

Runnin' Scared picked up on the latest groovy happenings in the white supremacist world; the "worldwide" event, which has been scheduled for Saturday March 15th, was organized by 30-year-old Massachusetts resident Kyle Hunt. Hunt, who graduated from Amherst College with a double major in psychology and theater and dance, has written extensively about his hopes for the rallies:

We are planning to show that White people are organized and impassioned, that we know what the anti-white agenda is all about, and that we are dedicated to waking up as many of our folk as possible. We will make it clear that we will not sit idly by as our race is discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide, according to the United Nation’s own definition of genocide. This is why one of our big messages, which will be displayed on many large banners, is “DIVERSITY” = WHITE GENOCIDE. These banners will spread the message to the public at large in the most effective way possible.

When he puts it like that, all-caps writing on banners does sound incredibly effective, just like those people who write in all-caps on the internet—who isn't swayed by them?

Hunt acknowledges that it's hard to organize this kind of event on such a large scale—so the group has (seemingly informally) partnered up with another white supremacist group, Free America Rally (FAR), for the main NYC event. You have to email them (go ahead: to get the full information about what they're planning, but based on their previous events, it'll likely take place outside the Plaza Hotel at 59th Street and 5th Avenue, and will involve a couple of sad looking men carrying a sign or two, glumly arguing over whether it's taking power away from white people to eat from a Halal cart.

Another commenter on White Man March, identifying themselves as a member of the New York Coalition, wrote that they'll be hosting an event throughout the day at 165-25 Jamaica Avenue in Queens, which the Voice points out appears to be "a busy intersection near a Gap, a mattress outlet, and a plus-sized clothing store." The commenter wrote, "This event will only work if you truly believe in the cause. Come prepared to participate. We need leaders who are willing to educate and stand with us when it looks like no one is there."

All of which is to say, even though the event is happening on Saturday, you shouldn't necessarily expect to see it happen. Considering that Hunt and his likeminded friends perceive that society is marginalizing white men to an extent that is tantamount to genocide, the fact that most people won't actually notice any events happening seems especially appropriate. OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE.

Here are some important sartorial tips if you plan on attending the event:

If you are a man, put on a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt. It should almost look like you are a groomsman at a wedding. Or maybe like an avenging Aryan angel. Women, you know how to look great in white.

You could also wear sunglasses. Ancient warriors knew that a mask covering the eyes offers protection, but also provides the wearer with extra confidence. Sunglasses can intimidate others who cannot see your eyes, while making you seem cool and collected.

You'll be glad to know that even within the white power community, this event has garnered its share of controversy: "This is bluntly insulting to real activists," commenter Travis Golie wrote on a FAR article about the March. "For years we have honored the 21st as White Pride day. The United Nations even protested by creating a World Wide diversity day on the 21st. And now FAR is showing its ignorance to the WP day, or its cowardice to challenge the United Nations. Either way, it insulting to us activists who have stood by FAR from the beginning. FAR used to be about activism, about unity, about the cause. Now many proven patriots are excluded from events even though they have helped spread activism. Now we shun our own holidays. Its a sad day."

It's a sad day indeed.

[h/t Voice]