The teenager who's made bank selling white iPhone conversion kits on his website is anxiously waiting for the other shoe to drop. 17-year-old Fei Lam was recently contacted by a private investigator whom he suspected was working for Apple—the dick accused him of selling stolen goods, but Lam insists he gets the parts directly from Apple's overseas supplier, through a mysterious business contact. Now Lam's hired a lawyer, who tells the Observer that the private eye has been pulled off the case. And the lawyer's been told that Apple is now handling the matter personally. Sounds like Lam might want to, ahem, go on the lam.
"We're just waiting to hear from them officially," says the attorney, referring to the heavies at Apple. Meanwhile, Lam's been deluged with orders since the story broke. "Traffic to the site this month is equal to all the other months combined," Lam crows. "I am just overwhelmed with emails." But he knows it's time to cash in while he can, because Apple is a jealous God, and is poised to crush him for his insolence. "I'm feeling pretty stressed, knowing it's the Almighty Apple who is coming after me," Lam said moments before the line went dead.