The White House wants New Yorkers—like Rep. Peter King and Senator Charles Schumer—to stop freaking out over funding to counterterrorism programs being cut. Because the White House says NYC's funds actually increased... thanks to stimulus money (and no thanks to the Bush Administration).

Lawmakers said yesterday that the Department of Homeland Security was allocating $111 million for mass transit security (down from $153 million) and $34 million for port security (down from $45 million). White House spokeswoman Moira Mack said, "The reports are wrong. When all federal funding is totaled, NYC has received a net increase of $47 million for port and transit security over the previous year's budget, the last signed into law by the Bush Administration. Those who suggest otherwise are not counting the more than $100 million in port and transit security grants for NYC from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. With that money, the total for NYC will be $245 million, more than $47million than what was allotted by the Bush Administration in the previous year. In fact, one out of every three recovery dollars for transit and port security went to NYC, making them the largest recipient in the country."

However, King is skeptical of Obama's math, telling the Daily News that the stimulus money (from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) is only a one-time deal, "That's a story they're coming up with at the last minute, because an hour ago they were saying they couldn't give us the money because Congress only allocated $300 million. Actually, Obama only asked for $250 million."