There's this old maxim, "The customer is always right, even if the customer is crazy," but sometimes, employees just get mad. The Post says a Bronx woman is suing White Castle for $9 million after a counterwoman threw hot water on her. According to Carolyn Brennan's lawyer, Brennan tried trying to order an egg-and-cheese biscuit — without the biscuit — in 2002 at an upper Manhattan location, but the cashier, Tasha Adams, freaked out and said, "This isn't a f---in' restaurant!" See, in 2002, the Atkins diet was at its peak; that's when people thought that restaurants should have carbs totally separate from the proteins, since taking a biscuit off the egg-and-cheese might leave remnants of biscuit on it. Adams told to leave for the day, but reacted badly by allegedly saying, "I am going to hurt that woman!" and tried to throw hot water on Brennan, but another employee stopped her. However, when Brennan sat down, Adams seemed to have been able to fill another cup of hot water and threw it at her then. Brennan's lawyer is holding the chain responsible, since everyone heard Adams say she was going to "hurt" his client but did nothing to stop the second time. White Castle tells the Post that they are in the discovery phase of the case, but so far "there is no merit to her claim." Now, Gothamist is torn: This was a stupid request by the customer (let's rule out a gluten-allergy, because then she shouldn't have been there anyway) and clearly a bad reaction by the server...but Slyders are so good! Find your nearest White Castle here!

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