The whistleblowing transit worker who claims coworkers shoved him onto live tracks spoke with ABC Eyewitness News last night. Juan de los Santos helped in an undercover investigation (during which time he wore a wig!) that showed fellow transit workers were slacking off on the clock. Surprise surprise.

Left with a broken nose and bleeding face, he said he was, "Choking on my own blood, I couldn't breathe through my nostrils. I believed I was going to get killed." He had told the head of transit just three days prior to the incident that he feared for his safety. Currently he doesn't intend to sue the MTA, and he plans on going back to work once his injuries heal.

As for his coworkers, he says: "If they're working more than two hours it's a lot." Otherwise, they're "hanging around, pretending they're working, watching TV... The people to blame are management." Eyewitness News confirmed the claims, reporting they found workers in parks, reading, and even driving work trucks to the beach!