2005_08_wx.jpgAs the remains of Katrina race across upstate New York today they are running into a cold front. More than that the circulation of the tropical storm whipping the southern part of the cold front in our direction, pushing all this lovely steamy weather upon us.

Most people like sunny weather but today sunny is not such a good idea. The sun is heating the lower atmosphere, making it more unstable and increasing the likelihood of severe weather later this afternoon. Nothing's showing up on the radar just yet, but there's a better than even chance we'll see some torrential downpours before the day is over. Thunderstorms, high winds and an isolated tornado are possible.

After the rain moves through tonight, we will be in for a stretch of pleasant weather. It may be a bit warm tomorrow and Friday with highs near 90, but the Labor Day weekend is looking sweeeet. Sunny, highs around 80, lows in the mid-60s through the middle of next week.