Steven Slater's drama didn't end when he got out of court yesterday, in fact, more drama was unfolding, unbeknownst to him. According to the Daily News, when the former JetBlue flight attendant was in court, his boyfriend's brother was robbing his Belle Harbor home! When Slater and his boyfriend Ken Rochelle got back to their Queens apartment, they discovered items missing.

Slater's laptop, a printer and microwave were all gone, and Rochelle told the NYPD, "It's probably my brother." That would be 39-year-old Jonathan Rochelle, who lives just a couple blocks away. He was caught, and Queens D.A. Richard Brown says, "The defendant is accused basically of a crime of opportunity—brazenly breaking into his brother's apartment in broad daylight when he knew nobody would be home."

According to the D.A.'s office (PDF), Rochelle is awaiting arraignment on second-degree burglary and other charges, and could face up to fifteen years in prison.