As we've sorted through the wreckage of the last couple marshmallowy days, blame has been shuffled, Tony Soprano and Corey Booker emerged as heroes, and at least two teens got wasted. But seeing as how everything was supposed to be cleared by 7 a.m. this morning, maybe it's time to debate: which borough got hit the worst?

The News and the Post agree: Brooklyn suffered "the most serious problems." In particular, southern Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Borough Park, Kensingston, Dyker Heights and Sheepshead Bay still had many unplowed streets as of this morning's deadline. "Much of southern Brooklyn, and, until recently, Staten Island, were in particularly bad shape. I find it incredibly troubling that they didn't move resources out of Manhattan to clear streets," said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, whose office has so far received 756 complaints about snow removal citywide. Most of those, 552, came from Brooklyn, the majority of which stemmed from Borough Park.

The Post identified East Seventh Street between Greenwood Avenue and Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn as the "most snow tortured block in the city." One couple living on the block who got home from the hospital with their newborn son a day before the storm hit has been unable to take him to his first pediatric appointments. Despite an investigation into a possible Sanitation slowdown looking likely, it's hard to place blame on any one sector for the massive response failure. We should just be glad nobody in the city has threatened to shoot anyone yet.