Well, it was fun while it lasted! After less than 24-hours of speculating on what a third term of Mayor Rudy Giuliani might be like, a spokesman for the Mayor of 9/11 Town has come out and dismissed the rumor like so many squeegee men. "He said no he’s not running for mayor," a spokesman for the former presidential candidate told the Journal.

Of course, since the idea was first floated by Cindy Adams not many people have exactly been jumping in to support the idea of a third, non-consecutive Giuliani term. Like our current third-term mayor, who pretty much has his own horse in the race. Asked about Rudy running, Bloomberg said:

"Look, I think Rudy left this city better than he found it by a lot. We’ve tried to build on everything he did. Knowing Rudy, I think at this point in his life, I’d be shocked if he wanted to come back. You can go and ask him. He was a mayor that made a very big, positive contribution to this city, and I’ve always said the more candidates, the better. So, in four years from now, he wants to run, fine. I think it’s probably too late for him to enter this thing."

Well, if he isn't going to run for mayor and the whole presidential thing didn't really work maybe he can try for governor next time around? Or the head of Indian Point? Cause we're not sure we want to live in a world without Rudy running for something.