Think your cell phone service is bad? Well, it probably is, and not just for those sending their monthly payments to AT&T. The Wall Street Journal has now examined Nielsen's data on dropped and unsuccessful calls in the city (did you know the company sends out vans to make 140,000 test calls in the 5 boroughs, and beyond, every year?). Sadly, what they find is that we've got far too many dead zones for such a populated city.

The best cell phone service can be found in the Lincoln Tunnel, which sees the fewest dropped calls. The worst spots include the Cross Bronx Expressway, along the river on the West Side Highway, Long Island City and Sunnyside in Queens, as well as part of the Upper East Side between 87th and 94th streets.

Before you put all the blame on carriers, however, those who maintain the city's networks say there are plenty of obstacles. Apparently too much reflective glass, too many people, too many buildings, too much water (etc etc etc) will all take cell service down a notch. But let's get back to the carriers, because they are at least partially to blame. Here's an interesting tidbit: AT&T routes calls south of 59th Street to a switch downtown, but if you are north of 59th they go through a facility in Westchester. So if you are walking and cross that line, your call will likely be dropped

Is it time to switch back to telegrams or landlines?