Never forget: One year ago today, around 1:51 p.m., New York City (and much of the East Coast) rocked. Literally. That's right, today is the one year anniversary of the great 5.8 magnitude East Coast earthquake of 2011. A year later, have you finally made a "go bag?" Or have you already forgotten the time the earth moved? And what a "go bag" even is?

While many West Coasters mocked us for it, last year's quake—which lasted between 20 and 30 seconds and was followed by two aftershocks of magnitude 2.8 and 2.2—left many East Coasters from Virginia to the Bronx (and then on up to Ontario) rattled. And with good reason! We really don't get too many of those kinds of signs from Mother Nature on the right coast, but when we do our bedrock makes sure that we feel it. And it even made some of us sick.

Luckily the damage from the quake was minimal (with some exceptions, like the spire at National Cathedral in D.C. that fell down) and many folks quickly took to the interwebs to post videos and let their snark fly. A year later, most people have already forgotten the whole thing even happened (though this guy never will!). Which is a shame, since being prepared for a repeat performance is probably not a bad idea. It isn't like these things are scheduled, or give us warnings like that other big upcoming Mother Nature anniversary did.