Even though it's just been a few days since the blackout, Gothamist has noticed that the favorite topic is "Where were you during the blackout?" It has sort of replaced "Where were you on September 11?" as a way to bond over a common event, and works well because it's less fraught than bringing up September 11, but still gives a chance to discuss September 11, and tends to have more comic potential ("Well, after walking down 23 flights in heels and getting wasted at a cafe, some guy came by with his Segway and let us have rides!" or "Sleeping on Grand Central's steps - not so fun.") .

Fray, which has volumes of personal stories on common topics, currently has some blackout threads: First, there is a blackout account by Dori Mondon. There are also additional blackout stories and opportunity for you to post your story.

Gothamist will wait to see if "What were you doing..." turns into so sort of pick-up line, but until then, we're still trying to catch up on our readers' accounts of their August 14 on our Blackout Edition.