There are few funnier things than stories about firefighters looking for a water leak and finding a million dollar pot operation in the meantime. Yesterday morning, the Daily New reports someone called 911 to say there was "water gushing out of a three-story attached house on Palmer Avenue" in the Bronx. So when the FDNY investigated, they found water running AND 270 pot plants!

Two 23 year olds, Kelly Suarez and Jose Colon, were charged with felony marijuana possession. The Palmer Avenue house was their grow house. A source said, "It was elaborate, with rubber mats on the floor where the plants were." And the FDNY said, "It's not something we find every day. There was a lot of water, but that's probably the least of their problems."

Last year, the FDNY found a hydroponic pot farm in Brooklyn; neighbors seemed to be fine with the intense marijuana smell but called the authorities when a leak occurred. This brings back memories of the Eldridge Street pot farm hidden by sliding bookshelves (upstairs from a day school), and the police pulling over a guy over a traffic issue but finding 500 pounds of pot in the car.