2006_12_sidewalk.jpgA 64 year old Brooklyn grandmother was walking on East 55th Street in Old Mill Basin with her two young nephews when the sidewalk collapsed. The woman, Faye Drod, fell in a 4-5 foot deep hole and was trapped by slabs of concrete on top of her. Yikes! Her 3 and 5 year old nephews were able to avoid the hole by grabbing onto a fence - they are going to have some crazy nightmares!

The FDNY had to remove the concrete before lifting her up; one firefighter went into the hole and joked with her, "I noticed she had a pocketbook down there and bags of groceries ... I said a hell of a night to be going to get groceries and she kinda chuckled at that." Drod is recovering from her leg injuries at Kings County Hospital.

Here's an explanation about sinklholes; there was a sinkhole in Midtown last year and a water main break earlier this year collapsed a street in Bay Ridge, taking an SUV with it.