It's always nice to hear a Good Samaritan story: A woman who was pushed off the N/R tracks at 59th Street by a homeless person was rescued by another man waiting while 20 other people simply stood there watching. Leah Bianco, a designer for Tommy Hilfiger, was on her way to the gym at 7:15AM on February 9th. Describing the incident to the Daily News, she says the homeless man brushed past her forefully, "I lost my footing. I tried to grab one of the beams and I was too far away. So I actually grabbed onto him and said, 'Please, don't let me fall.'" But he didn't help her and she fell into the tracks: "I tried to pull myself up, but the wall was up to my neck - so I started screaming, begging for someone to help me." Finally, someone stepped out, "He leaned down and gave me his hand, and I catapulted myself out. A train came a few seconds after." And the first thing the man said was, "I can't believe no one else helped!" Then the man disappeared after finding a transit worker to report the incident. Of course, Bianco would like to find him and thank him herself.

It's crazy that none of the others tried to help. Gothamist would like to think if we were watching something like this unfold, we'd try to lend a hand.