2005_08_scaffoldingset.jpgAll our dreams that West 11th Street between 5th and 6th Aveunes was classy have been dashed by Manhattan Offender. Sure, those townhouses are gorgeous, but MO noticed a distressing scaffolding set-up:

If you are walking on West Eleventh Street between Fifth and Sixth, my advice is to walk on the south side of the street. On the north side is scaffolding. And no, I'm not afraid of walking under scaffolding, but this set is especially problematic, at least for me...

Yes, that is a port-a-pottie on top of the scaffolding. Is that even legal?

Manhattan Offender also has a close-up of a worker near the potty. And we were so curious if this was legal, we called the Department of Buildings and spoke to an engineer (we think - we got transferred a couple times) who said that if the crew had a permit, then it was allowed. Hmm. We can only imagine that the construction crew excuse might be that the portapotty is "for thinking only."