2005_06_gerryf.jpgStupid is as stupid does, and for Democratic primary mayoral frontrunner C. Virginia Fields, stupid is spelled s-t-r-a-t-e-g-i-s-t. Yesterday, when the NY Times noted that Geraldine Ferraro, the first ever female vice presidential candidate, was throwing her support behind Fernando Ferrer, one of the Democratic mayoral candidates, a strategist for Fields said, "I had to spend a few minutes remembering who she was." Ouch, that is embarrassing. So Fields immediately apologized to Ferraro, offering her "strongest and sincerest apologies to Geraldine Ferraro for the off-handed comments" made by Joseph Mercurio. Gothamist would think that Mercurio would be snarking, if not for Ferraro's obvious place in history as both groundbreaker and Pepsi spokesperson. Downgrade! Honestly, man, you're a strategist, you're talking to the NY Times... while being witty and "dismissive" (that's what the Times called his remark) might serve some times, taking the high road don't hurt either.

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