2005_10_grafwhale.jpgA graffiti arist, Oliver Siandre, with the tag "Kiko," was arrested for criminal mischief yesterday, after tagging at least fifty locations in Astoria. And you know who made one of the first calls to the police when "Kiko" started to appear? You got it: City Councilman Peter Vallone. In the Post, Vallone says, "He tagged private homes and the columns at Athens Square Park, apparently because he was trying to impress his girlfriend," who lives in Astoria; his quote in the Daily News is "I want this punk, and I want him bad." Police found spray cans and graffiti books in Siandre's Upper West Side apartment, and Queens District Attorney Richard Brown called Siandre "one of New York City's more notorious graffiti taggers." Really? Gothamist is curious to know who else is on the most wanted list. If anyone has seen the NYPD's notebook of graffiti, let us know. Anyway, this is either a lesson not ot tag in Vallone's neighborhood or it's a clarion call to tag in Vallone's neighborhood, to really mess with him.

The NYPD's anti-graffiti initative. And Gothamist on graffiti in New York City.

This photograph of a graffiti whale is not by Kiko, but Kiko sounded like a whale name; photograph from Bluejake on Streetsy