2006_02_treehouse.jpgThere's something charming about arguments between neighbors, or in this case, between a resident and the developer next door. The Daily News had a huge picture of an apartment buliding in construction, notable for the fact that the structure is being built around a tree - a real, live tree. John Schwing and ABA Management were unable to reach on agreement over a tree that is on Schwing's property but veers onto the land where ABA is putting up an apartment buildling (which will fit the entire lot). ABA claims that Schwing wanted $20,000 for the tree, so they decided to build around it.

The roots of the 1-foot-diameter tree are sliced in half, a layer of cement is slathered up to the bark and the wooden joists on the new building's second floor are built around a spreading branch. Another tree farther back on the lot is also partially encased in the wall.

The Department of Buildings is going to investigate, because they don't like live trees in walls. It does sound like a welcome door for infestation - and bad drafts. But we have to hand it to ABA - that's certainly brinksmanship.

And since one might say this building is hugging a tree, we suggest you check out Treehugger.

Photograph from the Daily News