A thief stole a briefcase containing $300,000 in diamonds from a midtown pub. The Daily News says that the Channel 4 Restaurant, at 58 West 48th Street, is "frequented by diamond dealers," which would make seem to make it the ideal place to case for some big hauls. Since the restaurant's manager told the News, "Pretty stupid isn't it? The last place I would be leaving a case of diamonds is on a chair in a bar," Gothamist would have to say this is maybe the second dumbest idea this week, next to the Snapple Popsicle incident. The robber asked to use the bathroom, and then grabbed the briefcase on the way out. The victim screamed and tried to get this bag back (he claims he struggled with the thief, but a bartender says it happened too quick), but the robber hopped onto a waiting motorcycle outside. The police are checking out "any discrepencies" in the victim's story. Nice.

Two jewel heist movies: To Catch a Thief and Snatch.