Who knew petsitting could be fraught with million dollar lawsuits? A Manhattan family is suing a family friend's friend for failing to return their dog. Martin Klein says that Ted Kohl was supposed to watch their Yorkshire terrier Hershe while the family was on vacation, starting November 20. However, Kohl gave the dog to his friend Gayle Fisher Worth when he was sentenced to prison on November 28. Yes - Kohl, a contractor, had pleaded guilty to grand larceny in October, after stealing millions during a renovation at the Trump Tower Asprey store. The Klein family says that Hershe, given to their daughter Michele by Kohl during her bout with cancer, was left with Kohl because it would be the last time Kohl would see him for a while. Well, of course.

It's a confusing story, so the best we can make out the rest is that Kohl left the dog with Worth. Worth's lawyer claims that the dog was returned to the Kleins a month later, but then the dog was given back to her because the Kleins' apartment building wouldn't allow pets. The Kleins say that's ridiculous and are seeking $1 million "as the value of Hershe to the Kleins and $5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress." It's the $6 million Terrier! Gothamist would love this to play out in People's Court or Court TV or Animal Planet.