Photo by Navid J

The humidity has been lifting, and by next Monday we're projected to only hit a high of 59 degrees! So when is the snow going to hit, making us pine for the days the subway platform felt like a bikram yoga studio?

According to, the average first date of snowfall in New York City is December 15th (though it's happened as early October 21st, back in 1952). Here's the magic formula they used:

"We've plotted National Weather Service 30-year average dates of the season's first measurable snow, the earliest-in-season snow on record, and average annual snowfall for dozens of cities on the interactive map above... see when, climatologically speaking, is the date by which you'll typically see the season's first measurable snow."

It's unclear if they factored in dying polar bears to this equation, however.


Either way, this gives us plenty of time to think of an alternative to the following phrases, which have worn out their welcome: Blizzardgeddon, Snowpocalypse, and Snowtorious BIG (actually we still kind of like that one).