Ok, enough is enough. Her escape from her cage was clearly a cry for attention, but how hard will she have to work for your love? The Bronx Zoo's formerly escaped Egyptian cobra, Mia, made her debut at the Reptile House yesterday, and apparently it was just too lackluster for some. "I'm disappointed there's not a Twitter terminal next to the cage,"bitched one visitor.

Thankfully, a few fans were supporting enough to distract her from the judgmental scorn of others. Some wore "Free the Snake" t-shirts and pins, and one visitor said, "She's beautiful. She's posing for the cameras like a celebrity." Others said that her story is what made the exhibit: "The story of the snake adds to the experience of going to the zoo. To follow the story and see where it ended up here was great." Hmm, seems a little too perfect. Deadly snake goes "missing," only to be "found" inches from her cage, and only after her disappearance has spawned a national craze complete with logos? We're onto you, Bronx Zoo.