2006_07_LAUNDRY.jpgHow can you not love it when bank robbers literally launder money?
Paul Villanueva and Anthony Digiosaffatte had robbed a Queens County Savings Bank branch earlier this week, and were found at a motel after trying to wash the dye off the money. Villaneuva and Digiosaffatte were arraigned in federal court, and their tale is wacky. They managed to demand $65,000 from the bank on Tuesday - and Digiosaffatte even told the bank tellers, "No dye packs," but the tellers still gave them exploding dye packs, leading the pair to drop about a lot of the stained money, according to the NY Times. They tried to wash out the dye from the rest of the money at their motel laundry, and when police found them, they found stashes of the literally dirty money that had been washed with Cheer multiple times. And as many people know what washing their favorite shirt over and over again can do, a lot of the cash was in poor shape. The best part is how the robbers sprayed the money with Febreze "to get rid of the odor of the dye." There's a Procter & Gamble commercial in here yet!