We've always thought that penis enlargement stories would be best kept discreet. But we guess that if one is suing a doctor for botching a penis enlargement surgery, you've got to name names. Orlando Santiago had sued Dr. Mark Filstein at the Ridgewood Health and Beauty Center in Queens; Santiago claimed that not only was he impotent after the procedure, his penis was smaller. From the Daily News:

Santiago had his malpractice case tossed in 2005, when a Bronx judge ruled that Filstein had adequately informed his patient about the surgery's risks.

But the Appellate Division unanimously ruled earlier this week that a jury should determine whether Filstein did anything wrong.

The lawsuit says the American Urological Association believes the penis-extension operation "has not been shown to be safe." The suit also accuses Filstein of applying a post-surgical device known as "The Grip" to Santiago's manhood.

"Such devices are ineffective," an expert witness for Santiago said, adding that "The Grip" is "painful to wear."

We're not sure what "The Grip" is, but it does seem to be used by other surgeons (we didn't want to investigate it too much). But we will say this: Just because we can put a man on the moon doesn't mean that penis surgeries have been perfected.

Last year, a man sued his doctor over his penis enlargement story, claiming he could only engage in intercourse once a month, versus 30-50 times a month pre-surgery.