Yesterday, the Daily News started a series of articles, School Bus Disgrace, detailing the horrors students face with bus drivers and monitors. For instance, here's a list of some substantiated complaints of "rude, nasty and careless behavior by school bus drivers and monitors":

- Driver offers elementary schoolkids cigarettes;
- Monitor sits on elementary schoolkids when they misbehave;
- Driver urinates on the sidewalk in front of a bus full of children;
- Driver calls one student a "retarded Jamaican," another a "retarded Puerto Rican," makes fun of third student's weight, telling him he has "the biggest forehead and double chin in the world";
- Driver gets lost for five hours on way to the Bronx Zoo, leading to cancellation of the outing;
- Driver falls asleep, then tests positive for cocaine;
- Driver tries to steal student's coat during field trip;
- Driver and monitor take photos of children showing their underwear;
- Driver oversleeps, so he picks up his students with his own car, until the bus company brings him his bus;
- Driver screams epithets into a cell phone while driving;
- Driver leaves idling bus full of children unattended, allowing an elementary schoolboy to rev the engine;
- Monitor punches, pins to the floor and curses at elementary school student, then tells him: "I will murder you."

There was also a story about a child's arm being broken. The Daily News got information about complaints, criminal histories of drivers and monitors, and pending lawsuits against the Department of Education only after filing a Freedom of Information act request.

politicians are already upset and the DOE has already issued a statement saying their background checks are "far more demanding than the law requires."