2006_09_gridlock.jpgThe opening of the United Nations General Assembly today means a lot of gridlock and protests today. President Bush is addressing the UN tomorrow - but he'll be speaking at the NY Public Library this morning to discuss global literacy and will be raising money for the Republican party tonight.

United for Peace and Justice will be staging a protest and rally tomorrow. Though the police inititally declined UPJ's permit to march along 42nd Street due to overall UN security concerns, the UPJ is now allowed to march on an alternate route. Details are here, but marchers will assemble at 6th Avenue and 37th Street at 9AM tomorrow.

Photograph of United for Peace and Justice protesters lining Fifth Avenue yesterday by Mary Altaffer/AP; about 2700 protesters held the name, age and hometown of soldiers who have died in Iraq as well as sign noting how many Iraqis have been killed in the war