This is why it isn't a good idea to hit on strangers on the street. Early Friday morning 28-year-old Queens native Wayne Buckle hit on a 19-year-old lesbian from Newark named Patreese Johnson in front of the old Waverly theater on Sixth Avenue. After she turned him down he allegedly spat on her which incited Johnson and a gaggle of her Jersey friends to surround, beat and stab him.

Cops quickly arrested Johnson and six of her friends a block away from the scene. The women, all apparently lesbians ranging in age from 18-31, were charged with attempted second-degree murder, gang assault and possession of a weapon. None have posted the $50,000 bail. Buckle, who the Post says is an independent filmmaker, was taken to St. Vincents hospital where he is currently in the intensive care unit.

Aside, the folks at the Daily News deserve some kind of recognition for using this story to write what is hands-down our favorite lead of the day:

A gang of petite but ornery lesbians pummeled and stabbed a DVD bootlegger in the West Village early yesterday after he tried to pick up one of the women - and then spat on her when she rebuffed his advances, police and witnesses said.

Now that's tabloid journalism!

IFC Center (nee Waverly Theater) by RumAli on flickr.