New York magazine has the best alarmist scenarios with the best alarmist scenario illustrations in journalism with its When Bad Things Happen (in New York City) to accompany a NYC's disaster plan feature. Smallpox? Check ("Worst-case scenario: Health workers flee—a recent study suggested that half would stay away during an outbreak"). Chlorine realease? Check ("What you can do: Get inside as fast as possible, close windows, turn off ventilation systems, and seal windows and doors with duct tape"). Earthquake? Check ("What the city would do: Dig survivors out of crumbled tenements and town houses and race to extinguish blazes fueled by broken gas lines"). Nuclear bomb? Check, but there's no point ("Worst-case scenario: A bomb in the center of midtown. It doesn’t get worse than this"). Interestingly enough, New York's Intelligencer has The New Yorker's Guide to Surviving Alito.