2005_03_subwayrain.jpgWith yesterday's torrential rains, Gothamist wondered how much subway service would be screwed up. While it was nothing like September of 2004, it turns out that the only real problem was the flash flooding at the Broadway-Nassau Street station. Water flooded into a token booth (scary!) in the afternoon and workers had to redirect commuters for four hours to other stations. This made Gothamist think about the NY magazine article about the subway crisis and the part about the rising water tables in the city. We were at the Columbus Circle station (right), where water was collecting in the tracks; we admit we hoped to see a drowned rat or sparks from the third rail.

And in the midst of the subway mucking, NYC Transit announced that they are buying 500 hybrid buses, which will cut down on pollution. It's the little things, of course.

Update: Reader Melissa wants to know what was happening with the 4/5/6 and F trains - no downtown service apparently. Any takers? And a person was hit by a train at Columbus Circle this morning.