The NY Times looks at how people feel when Christmas is on a Saturday and its repurcussions. Many service workers feel they miss out on another day they could be making money, while some employees feel they should get another day off. Of course, there are the people who like the fact that Christmas (and New Year's) falls on a Saturday, but we were amused by the fact that Jews would suffer because the Saturday Chrstimas:

"You go and catch a movie and then you go and catch Chinese food: that's the tradition," said Henry Nuesch, manager of Shun Lee West, the Chinese restaurant on West 65th Street. He seats twice as many customers on Christmas as on some of his busiest days. "Economically it's much better if Christmas falls on a Monday or Tuesday. I would do the Saturday business anyway."

Baby Jesus never makes it easy for the Jews, does he? Anyway, as far as Gothamist can tell, having Christmas on a weekend is great for hangovers, but bad for trying to have a shorter work week. But think of it this way: The next Christmas on a Saturday will be in 2010!

What are you doing tomorrow? Have you already headed out of town, or are you getting to shorten your usual holiday obligations thanks to the Saturday Christmas? And if you need to watch something, we recommend the oldie-but-goodie, A Christmas Story.